Daniel Ehrlich

Composer/Sound Design/Recording Engineer


List of Works (Work in Progress)

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SMALL CHAMBER (2-5 players)

Duet, for tuba and percussion, 15 minutes, 2019

By Air, for wind quintet, 10 minutes, 2017

Two Passings, for cello and  piano, 7 minutes, 2016

Emerge, for horn quartet, 4 minutes, 2016

Arrangements of Tierkreis Melodies, Various ensembles, 10 minutes, 2016

Fantasy is... , for clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, and cello, 5 minutes, 2016

Expected Accumulation, for clarinet, violin, and piano, 8 minutes, 2016

Winding/Wound, for oboe and flute duet, 3 minutes, 2016

Broken Little Boxes, for harp, viola and flute, composed for dance, c. 9 minutes, 2015

Tuba-Tronics, tuba and electronics, c. 7 minutes, 2015

Chamber Suite, for clarinet, violin,viola, and piano, c. 9 minutes, 2015

Thunderstruck, for viola and piano, c. 4 minutes, 2014

Random Access Images, for brass quintet, music to accompany film, c 3 minutes, 2014

On Losing a Friend, for string quintet (add bass), c. 18 minutes, 2013

Off the Path, for piano trio, c. 8 minutes, 2013

Italian Gestures, for violin, guitar, and clarinet in A, c. 14 minutes, 2012


LARGE CHAMBER (5-20 players)

Voltage, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion, 7 minutes, 2019

And Slowly Comes the Spring, for ensemble, 11 minutes, 2017

On Foot, for ensemble, 10 minutes, 2016

Inside and Outside Voices, for brass sextet, 8 minutes, 2016

Octet, for winds [ 1.1.1  1dbl bs], 7 minutes, 2015

Jackknife, for Alto Sax, Trumpet and Ensemble(1.1(dbl cor).2 (1 dbl bcl).1ax.1

1perc, 12 minutes, 2015



2 (of 4) Studies for Chamber Orchestra, 2(picc).2.2.2 2 perc 1timp strs, 2019

St Clair to Sawgatuck, 15 muntes, for chamber orchestra, 2018

Sleeping Bear, for Large Orchestra [ 2perc.1timp], 10 minutes, 2015

Time Stands Still: Nick Ward and his Band, for T. sax, tbn, tpt, electric bass, drumset, guitar, with hip hop vocals, collaboration with hip hop artist, 1 hour concert, 2014



The Size of Things, for voice and ensemble ( no perc + soprano), 2016

2: Stones, for baritone, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion, c. 4 minutes, 2014

1: Skin, for baritone, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion, c. 4 minutes, 2014

5: drown, for voice and piano, c. 2 minutes, 2014

The Tree, for voice and piano,  c. 3 minutes, 2013



Psalm 46:8, for mixed a cappella SSAATTBB chorus,  4 minutes, 2015

Send me a Leaf, for SATB choir with divisi, c. 3 minutes 2014

Blurred Drums, for Roomful of Teeth, SSAATTBB,  c. 4 minutes, 2014

Hine Ma Tov, for SSAATTBB choir with tenor and soprano solos, c. 6 minutes, 2013

The Land of Dreams, for SATB choir with piano, c. 5 minutes, 2013



Hunt, for lever harp, fuzz and distortion pedals,  5 minutes 2019

Move Body for solo violin, 8 minutes, 2018

Pippin Dances, for piano, 4 minutes, 2018

Bass Games, for solo tuba, 6 minutes, 2017

Waking up to Snow in May, for percussion, 9 minutes, 2017

4 studies, for piano alone, 8 minutes, 2017

Study in Disorder, for solo viola, c. 1 minute, 2014



Serpentine, fixed media, 90 seconds, score for film, 2015

Whale Song, 2 channel fixed media loop for installation, 20 minute loop, 2014

Creeks, for 2 channel fixed media, 2 minutes 12 seconds, 2014