Daniel Ehrlich

Composer/Sound Design/Recording Engineer


Upcoming Performances

5th of May 2019 – we’re recording my new piece Harp-Tronics in Manchester at the beginning of May this year! Should be fun, looking forward to sharing the work with everyone.

Psappha Ensemble

Cavendish Winds

They're performing my piece all over the UK! Check out dates on their website. 

Program Note:

By Air is a piece about space. Musically the piece examines, hovers over, and dives close to landscapes both real and imagined. I was inspired by Dutch Renaissance landscape painter Jacob van Ruisdael, who paints on a vast scale that seems to juxtapose humanity’s control of nature with the overwhelming scale of open places. One can hear By Air as an exploration of a landscape – each movement getting closer to a single idea, gesture, or point on the horizon.