Daniel Ehrlich

Composer/Sound Design/Recording Engineer



Biography - Long

Daniel Ehrlich is a native of Toronto, Ontario though he has called Ann Arbor, Michigan his hometown since 2003.  He currently splits his time between London and Michigan. His works have been premiered and performed internationally by numerous ensembles including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra de La Suisse Romande, the Crouch End Festival Chorus, Cavendish Winds, Ensemble x.y., the Ligeti Quartet,  Des Moines Symphony, the Aurora Trio, the Temple Ensemble, and the Grinnell Singers. His music has been performed in the Wigmore Hall, St Martin in the Fields, Amnesty International Hall in Philadelpia, and throughout the American Midwest.  In 2018 Daniel has commissioned premiers in Aarhus, Denmark and locations across London and the United Kingdom.

In 2016 Daniel completed his M.Mus. at the Royal Academy of Music culminating with On Foot: Tangible and Distinct Music a concert curated, programed and composed for by Ehrlich. While at the Academy he studied primarily with David Sawer, and received regular lessons from Oliver Knussen and Peter Maxwell Davies throughout his two years there. Daniel studied at Grinnell College, Iowa, an elite Liberal Arts institution, where he received a B.A. (honors) in Music with advanced coursework in inorganic synthetic and physical chemistry. He received a Mentored Advanced Project Fellowship in 2013 to compose his string quintet On Losing a Friend that subsequently won three awards including an honorable mention  for the SCI/ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Commission Competition UndergraduateLevel in 2014. During his studies Daniel was president of the internationally touring Grinnell Singers, and founded and performed with various funk and soul bands. In spring 2014 Daniel helped to curate a live hip-hop show – selecting the contents of two mixtapes and arranging them for seven-piece band, which Daniel led from the saxophone along with MC Nick Ward.

Daniel looks to explore space and its relation to sound. At the center of his practice he creates meaningful relationships with those who play his music. Daniel informs and develops the identity of instruments in his own composition through prioritizing the body of the performer as central to the realization of music.  He is especially interested in the role that listening plays in music making, and how modes of listening can be exploited through sonic context. Daniel creates music that is both rewarding and difficult with a strong emphasis on ensemble playing.

Daniel works as a recording engineer and producer on a freelance basis and for the Royal Academy of Music.  Daniel is a regular performer with the LSO Chorus.

Artist Statement

Composing is an act of translation; it is a process that transforms audio, visual, emotional, and spiritual experiences into a sonic landscape. My interest lies in the specifics of how to shape this landscape and how to mold an audience’s perception of its topography.  I'm particularly excited by rhythm and how layering rhythms and levels of motion can influence engagement. 

Close collaborations at various stages of my work are vital – specifically collaborations with performers and interpreters. Working with engaged musicians, and having my work embodied early and often is central to my practice. 

I'm frequently inspired by other art forms, and use abstract drawing an early stage of my own process. I've enjoyed many collaborations and inspirational partnerships throughout my career with a variety of artists and thinkers. 

Daniel is Licensed by ASCAP in USA


Photographer: Benny Vernon

Pictured: Daniel Ehrlich